Flexible Shaft Machines for Drain Clean

Best Tips for Using Flexible Shaft Machines for Drain Clean

Cleaning drains is a practice that has been required for as long as there has been plumbing in indoor spaces like homes and businesses. Water is unable to reach its destination because of clogs of various kinds, which appear to occur periodically for a variety of reasons. These clogs prevent the water from reaching its destination. This is when the drain cleaning tools, such as high-speed flexible shaft machines, can come into play and be of significant assistance to the situation. However, due to the fact that flexible shaft machines are a more recent type of tiny sewer machine, many people do not know how to utilize them in the most effective manner. The good news is that Spartan Tool is here to provide a hand by providing guidance on the most effective techniques for utilizing flexible shaft machines for drain cleaning.

The Flex Shaft Machines Difference

Drains can become clogged for several reasons, including grease buildup, small debris, roots, and other obstructions, all of which can be cleaned in a number of different ways. However, high-speed flexible shaft machines can accomplish the operation in a way that is not only productive but also less destructive to the pipes and results in substantially more comprehensive cleaning of the walls. This is because modern flexible shaft machine technology is incorporated into the design of these small sewage machines, allowing for the completion of tasks while the equipment is in a non-rotating state. In reality, pipe inspection equipment can help you find the obstruction and get the job done faster and more precisely. It’s possible that using such tools will help you save time, energy, and money when cleaning drains and sewers.

Best Tips for Using Flexible Shaft Machine for Drain Cleaning

If a high-speed flexible shaft machine is something you’re thinking about adding to your arsenal of drain cleaning tools, then you’re probably curious about learning the best practices for using it. So, it seems to reason that you’d like to learn the most efficient ways to run the device. Learning how the machine works is the first step if you’re thinking about making that investment. The importance of this cannot be overstated. A possible immediate advantage might be gained if you have that tidbit of insider information that will set you apart from the competitors. It will be a relief to learn that there are multiple approaches to drain cleaning using a flex shaft machine that has proven to be both effective and efficient. All of these approaches and procedures are detailed in the sentences that follow. Here is some of the best advice we at Spartan Tool have for clearing drains using flexible shaft machines:

Use a Sewer Camera in Tandem with Your Flexible Shaft Machines

Utilizing flexible shaft machines to complete activities related to the cleaning of drains and sewers comes with a number of significant benefits that should not be overlooked. One of these benefits is the capability of utilizing the device in tandem with a drain inspection camera, which is a distinct advantage. You may avoid having to merely feel around and engage in a lot of uncomfortable guesswork if you do this, as you will be able to locate the clog that you are looking for and eliminate it once and for all by using this method. This results in significant time and labor savings. You no longer have to merely remove a drain wire from a line and hope that you catch whatever was causing the issue. Instead, you can do away with this step entirely. This is not a requirement any longer. You are able to verify the state of affairs for yourself and establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the issue has been resolved. As a consequence of this, you will save a large amount of time, effort, and hassle, which will enable you to move on to the other sewer and drain cleaning responsibilities that you have scheduled.

Prep Drains and Sewer Lines for Pipe Relining

To reline pipes with ease is one of the many reasons why flex shaft machines are so highly sought after in the drain cleaning industry. As a result, this is a major selling point for flex shaft machines. This is because, with the right equipment, high-speed flexible shaft machines can prepare the pipe interiors to receive the material utilized in the process. Because of this, not only may it help you clean the pipes you want to reline, but the relining process itself may go more smoothly and the new lining may last for a lot longer.

Watch for the Sheath Marking When Retrieving the Drain Cable

Checking for the sheath marking while retrieving a drain cable from a drain or sewer after cleaning it is one of the easiest ways to assure your own safety when using flexible shaft machines to clean drains. This step is mandatory after every time the drain is cleaned. This is a crucial measure to take for your own safety whenever you’re working with a machine that has flexible shaft machines. This is a great preventative measure to take so as to avoid potential injuries in the future. The chain knocker might be extremely dangerous if it were to come into touch with water that was suddenly running freely on you outside of a pipe. This is so that you can turn off your flex shaft machine’s drill at the right time. The consequences of your noncooperation are likely to be severe. You could sustain a serious personal injury, which would not only leave you in a dreadful state of mind but also necessitate a quick trip to the hospital’s emergency room.

Positioning is Key

The position of flexible shaft machines is vital while cleaning drains. This goes for both the place where you want to use the drain cleaning machine and yourself when you are actually cleaning the drain. You’ll clean sewage and drains better, use less equipment, and avoid injury.

In light of all of this, it is important to keep high-speed flexible shaft machines within 3 feet (1 meter) of the drain’s opening when cleaning it. In the event that you are unable to retain your flexible shaft machines in such close contact, you will need to take measures to keep it sustained during the pipe cleaning operation. To keep problems from happening, it should still be stored within three feet of the drain entrance.

The ideal way to clean drains is on hands and knees at the drain opening with high-speed flexible shaft machine equipment. This makes sure that you have a firm grip on the drain cable and full control of the small drain cleaning tool. You’ll need to work your way down the drain with one hand on the drill powering the drain cleaning tool and the other on the drain cable itself to feed it through the drain and past whatever is causing the water to back up. When you’re done packing up to depart or move on to the next section of your project, this will also help you recover the drain cable safely.

Never Use Force When Navigating a Drain

A flexible shaft machine is ideal for cleaning sewage systems without causing any disruptions. You’ll be able to achieve the best possible results by doing so. Avoid using any kind of force while working your way through a drain in order to remove obstructions and clean the pipe walls. You may perhaps damage your tiny sewage machine if you tried to forcefully drive the chain knocker into an impediment in this way. The image of a “little sewer machine” will form in your head if you do so. However, there are times when gradually moving the cable while rotating the chain knocker forward or backward is the best course of action. You should proceed in this manner to protect the chain from being harmed. Use this technique to unclog your drains without risking major damage to your drain cleaning instrument or the expense of a trip to the repair shop. Instead, you’ll have no trouble clearing drain clogs.

Do Not Run the Chain Knocker into the Sewer Camera

A flex shaft machine can clean sewers and control a sewer inspection camera. Using a flex shaft machine has many benefits. Flex-shaft machines have various benefits like this. Because of this, you can always see what you are working with and doing. This gadget will prove a blockage has been removed and pipe walls cleansed.

Never push your chain knocker into the sewer camera when cleaning sewage drains with high-speed flexible shaft machines and a drain inspection camera. Using two machines at once makes this crucial. Avoid this situation by all means. You could damage the sewer camera, requiring costly and time-consuming repairs. Thus, it is discouraged. This could sideline you for a while, costing you several sewer line cleaning business opportunities. Opportunities may be significant. When clearing drains and sewers with your flex shaft machine and sewer inspection camera, be careful. If not, you risk serious self-harm.


If your drain cable comes to a halt while running down the line, stop turning.

When you are clearing drains if the drain cable becomes clogged and you are unable to turn it, do not bother trying to turn it. This is because excessively bending the drain wire might cause it to twist and kink if it is not handled with care. This may result in the cable that is attached to your drain cleaner becoming broken or in some other form of unpleasant harm.

Cordless Drills Only

In order to utilize a machine with flexible shaft machines, you need to have a cordless drill that has a drill head designed for flexible shaft machines. It is exceedingly risky to clean a drain using a corded drill rather than a compact sewer machine, such as a flex shaft machine, for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that using a corded drill might cause electrical shock. It is possible, for instance, that you will trip over anything. Even more seriously, you run the risk of shorting out the drill or becoming severely electrocuted if the cord is allowed to run through water that has risen from the drain as a result of being cleaned out. When cleaning drains and sewers with a cordless drill, you won’t have to risk your health by coming into contact with possibly infectious sewage water.

Hygiene and Bodily Protection are Vital

Though this process isn’t directly related to the flex shaft machine’s operation, it’s nevertheless an important one. Water that has been in a drain or sewage can carry dangerous bacteria that can make anyone who drinks it very sick. The illness-causing microbes are here. It’s likely that hospitalization may be required before you can receive therapy. This means that you should always take steps to have your complete body covered when using drain cleaning equipment, such as a flexible shaft machines. This is because there is a risk that harmful chemicals could be released into the atmosphere.

If you want to avoid unpleasant encounters like the ones mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you always wear the following protective gear:

  • Safety goggles 
  • gloves for protection
  • rubber boots
  • long-sleeved clothing
  • lengthy pants
  • Industrial face protection 

For example, if you are working a high-speed flexible shaft machine (a kind of sewage drain cleaner), you should never take a break to eat, drink, or smoke. This is a really important thing to think about if you have to work in a small space. In order to prevent the transmission of any germs that may have been present in the drain water, it is crucial that you always wash your hands completely with hot soapy water after using your flex shaft machine to clean drains. You may stop the germs from spreading to other regions of your body by doing this.

Always Use a Knocker Bushing

For example, if you are working a high-speed flexible shaft machine (a kind of sewage drain cleaner), you should never take a break to eat, drink, or smoke. This is a really important thing to think about if you have to work in a small space. In order to prevent the transmission of any germs that may have been present in the drain water, it is crucial that you always wash your hands completely with hot soapy water after using your flex shaft machine to clean drains. You may stop the germs from spreading to other regions of your body by doing this.


Q1: What is the best tool to clear a drain?

The best tool to clear a drain is often a drain snake or auger. Additionally, a plunger can also be very effective in clearing minor clogs in sinks or toilets. For more stubborn clogs, chemical drain cleaners or natural remedies like a mixture of baking soda and vinegar followed by hot water might also be helpful.

Q2: What is a flex shaft machine?

It’s like a long, bendy tube with a motor at one end and a special part at the other. It helps do delicate and detailed work, like carving or polishing, in small or tricky places. It typically consists of a flexible, rotating shaft powered by a motor at one end, with a handpiece at the other end where various attachments or tools can be connected.

Q3: How do you use a bendy drain cleaner?

Using a bendy drain cleaner is pretty simple. You feed the flexible cable into the drain, then turn the handle to move it further down. Once it reaches the clog, keep turning to break it up or pull it out. Pull the cable back out, and that should clear the blockage. Just remember to be gentle to avoid damaging the pipes.

Q4: What is a drain cleaning machine?

A drain cleaning machine is a tool used to clear clogs or blockages from drains and pipes. It typically consists of a motor that drives a cable or a snake-like mechanism into the drain. The cable has various attachments at its end, which help break up or remove the blockage.  

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