Do I Need a High-Power Flush Toilet?

Are you dissatisfied with the low flush power of the toilet you currently have or searching for the most effective toilet with a high-pressure flush for your house? A high-power flush toilet could be the solution if you’ve noticed that your drains frequently become clogged or that you have to flush the toilet more than once to get everything flushed away.

Continue reading to find out more information about the benefits of a high-power flush and how to determine if purchasing one is the best option for you.

Types of High-Power Toilets 

The domestic market offers four separate kinds of high-powered toilets, all of which are available for purchase by consumers at home. In comparison to the ordinary gravity-assisted toilet, all of these toilets offer increased flushing power. This characteristic is shared by all of them.

For those looking for a powerful bathroom, these options are available:

  • Pressure-assisted. The next step up from a toilet that is assisted by gravity is a toilet that makes use of compressed air to provide the flush more power without requiring the use of additional water. They have a tendency to be somewhat noisier, and their price might vary significantly.
  • A simultaneous onslaught of two cyclones and tornadoes. Both models of this toilet, which were developed by the business Toto, feature pressurised jets at the top of the bowl. The Double Cyclone has two nozzles, while the Tornado has three. Together, these nozzles provide a powerful vortex flush that helps clean the bowl by forcing waste downward and assisting in the removal of waste from the bowl.
  • The double whammy of a cyclone and a tornado. Both models are manufactured by Toto and include pressurised jets located at the top of the bowl of the toilet. These jets produce a forceful vortex flush that forces the waste down and helps clean the bowl. The Double Cyclone model has two nozzles, while the Tornado model has three.
  • Jet of the Siphon What precisely is a syphon jet flush and how does it work in a toilet? It is a separate, little reservoir tank that has room inside of it for the installation of additional systems. Using a vacuum draw to drive water out of the fixture in order to increase the force of your flush is one way to achieve this.

How to Increase Your Toilet’s Flush Power 

Knowing how to boost the flushing power of a toilet could prevent you from having to purchase a whole new toilet. While it is not possible to modify an existing low-flow toilet due to the way they are constructed, keeping what you have may boost the flushing power. Here are a few techniques to maintain an adequate flush rate:

  • Make sure that there are no obstacles. Before you decide to replace your toilet, you should check to see if poor flow is caused by a clogged pipe. This can be done by looking at your current toilet. In this situation, you can choose to have someone else clear your channel for you. Checking for deterrents in the sink channel and the latrine channel should be done carefully.
  • Change the float in your tank. If you take the tank’s cover off, you can see how much water is in the tank. If the water level is low, there is a chance that there won’t be enough water to flush the toilet properly. Change the length of the float valve so that it falls between the lowest and highest levels of the tank.
  • It is written that the edge jets should be cleaned. Over time, the water streams that let water out when you flush can become clogged with mineral buildup. This can be fixed by using a small wire to scratch away the buildup. If this happens, the water streams that let water out when the toilet is flushed might get stuck with mineral deposits. If you straighten out a wire coat hanger, you can make a simple tool that can be used around the house.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda to clean the toilet tank. About one quart of white vinegar is called for in this recipe. Inside the toilet tank, find the elastic hose that is connected to the flood valve. You could look through the tank to find it. Put a pipe in the open end of the cylinder while leaving the same amount of space inside the compartment as the cylinder. This will make it easier to pour the fluid from the cylinder into the space. After pouring the vinegar into the cylinder, you should wait about 15 minutes before moving on. From there, pour the baking soda in slowly until you hear a murmuring sound coming from the mixture. Try flushing the toilet again after giving it a break for two hours. This will let you know if the water flow has reached the next level. If the flush valve is broken, it should be fixed right away. The lower part of the toilet tank is where the flush valve is supposed to go. If you are having trouble finding the part that lets water out when the latrine is flushed, try shaking the handle of the latrine to see if it makes a difference. If the flush valve is broken or damaged in some other way, the latrine might not flush as well.

Put a few drops of food colouring in the tank of your toilet to see if it works. If the variety fills the bowl of the toilet with water, this means that the flush valve isn’t working right and needs to be changed.

If you’ve done everything you could and are still not getting the power you need, it might be time to look into buying another toilet. If you finally decide to buy another strong latrine, we can help you set it up. 

How to Convert a Low-Flow Toilet to High-Flow 

It is not possible to upgrade a toilet with a low flow rate to one with a higher flow rate or one that uses pressure to assist in flushing. The only choice available is to switch from a toilet that relies on gravity to one that uses pressure to flush the bowl.

Opting for Low-Flush Power Might Benefit You 

Investing in a toilet with a lower flushing power will help you save water (so long as you don’t end up needing to flush the toilet more than once) if you haven’t had any issues with your flushes in the past. There is no shortage of water-saving toilets that operate on a reduced power level and do not leave you with anything just partially flushed. Selecting a toilet with a high efficiency rating is an excellent approach to reducing one’s water use while maintaining one’s normal bowel movements. You can provide a “half flush” option for liquid waste by using a dual-flush toilet, and you can provide a “full flush” option for solid waste by flushing the toilet completely. Alternatively, you might continue with a regular gravity-assisted model if riding a bike of this sort does not provide any challenges for you.

Upgrade to a More Powerful Flush 

High-power flushes can prevent or remove clogs in plumbing systems because they push trash deeper and more quickly than standard flushes. They also maintain the health of sewer systems and septic tanks, which reduces the likelihood of backups occurring.

If you typically have to flush the toilet twice or notice that you are using the plunger more frequently, you should get in touch with the sanitary quest in your area. We are able to carry out a comprehensive plumbing examination to check that your system is in good working condition and to establish whether or not installing a high-power flush toilet in your bathroom is the best option.

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