Plumbing is ready for big game

Make Sure Your Plumbing Is Ready for the Big Game

Plumbing is ready for big game
Plumbing is ready – Sanitary Quest

The big game will start in just a few short minutes! Having a viewing party at home with friends, family, and plenty of food is a lot of fun, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re watching the game because your favorite football team is playing or simply because you want to see the commercials.

However, just like we see throughout the holiday season, these gatherings can put a significant strain on the plumbing in your home. When you have a large number of guests in your home, the last thing you want is for there to be an issue with the plumbing.

To enjoy the game without any distractions caused by a plumbing emergency, here are some things you should take to prevent it.

  1. Go easy on your garbage disposal! The intake of greasy meals like chicken wings and other similar items is a common tradition that people have when watching sporting events. However, tough things such as bones have the potential to block your garbage disposal and may even harm its blades if they are forced down the disposal. Additionally, grease can wreak havoc on the pipes that are found in your home. As soon as the liquid goes down your drain, there is a possibility that it could begin to solidify, which may cause an obstruction. It is essential that any oil that has been removed from your plates be disposed of by wiping it into the waste bin rather than pouring it down the sink after it has been removed. The following is an exhaustive list of all the food items that should under no circumstances be flushed down the toilet or sink.
  2. Clean your garbage disposal. Have you been neglecting to clean your garbage disposal for quite some time? Grab some citrus peels and ice cubes and throw them in the mix if it has an odd odour. With only a straightforward move, you can make it scent like new in no time!
  3. Take care of your toilet. You may have heard the urban legend that during halftime of the big game, more people flush their toilets than at any other time of the year, causing problems for municipal sewer systems. This may or may not be true, but you should know it exists. This could be real, or it could be false. Even though there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case, you should still assume that your toilet will get a lot of use, particularly if you have several people over to your house simultaneously. If you don’t already own a plunger, now is the time to go out and buy one so you can get the job done. Keep in mind that the only thing that should ever be flushed down the toilet besides used toilet paper and waste from humans is toilet paper. This includes paper towels and wipes that can be flushed down the toilet.
  4. If you suspect your toilet is having trouble, give your local plumber a call. The time has come for you to go out and buy a plunger if you still need to get one in your possession. If your toilet has been leaking or running for some time, now is the time to call a professional to repair it so that it will be in good working order before your party.
  5. Take note of any drains that are slow or clogged. Once again, the most crucial approach is to perform routine preventative maintenance. It is not recommended that you use liquid drain cleaners because they are harmful to your pipes, particularly if you have older pipes in your home, and the fumes can irritate your eyes, throat, and lungs. However, liquid drain cleaners are available in stores. You can find them in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. Make use of solid drain cleansers rather than any other kind. These recipes for all-natural drain and bathroom cleaners are some of our favorites, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! If this does not resolve the issue, feel free to contact your neighborhood’s plumbing specialists at the Benjamin Franklin!

Get acquainted with your home’s shut-off valve! Not only should you keep this in mind when planning to host guests, but you should also keep it in mind throughout the year. If there is a leak in your home and it is starting to fill up with water, you first need to turn off the main water valve to stop any additional water damage from occurring. You have no idea where that is, do you? This will show you where it is located and how to turn it off.

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